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Cen Yunyang

岑 韵扬

Born in Foshan, China.


Graduated from Victorian College of Art, University of Melbourne.

Currently living and working in Guangdong, China

Yunyang is a contemporary visual artist with years of experience producing works in the form of installation, video and performance. Her works focus on analyzing and presenting the relationships between individual and environment, dominants, and rebellious. Through a cultural hybrid point of view, her work embeds commentary of social issues into everyday objects and behaviors, to present the absurdity and weakness of the modern state of mind. Her works often express a sense of pathos towards things that are left out, undervalued, and unappreciated along with the rapid modernization process. She is interested in how an installation can be endowed with performativity to interact with space and audience. Therefore often allow and welcome accidents or intentional participation from the outside world, which activates the work and opens up more possibilities in an objective way.


Cry Practice, 2021,  duration:1‘03‘’


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